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If there’s one phrase to describe Kandaya, I think we would say: it is where luxury and comfort meet. 
It was simply beautiful. White, clean, minimalist yet tropical where it had to be. It had all the right beach elements you would expect in a beachfront resort. When we arrived, the staff was just instantly hospitable and helpful in whatever possible way we could think of. On their own, they would tell us everything the resort could offer so we could plan our trip accordingly and ahead of time. Although we couldn’t really tell whether the weather would cooperate, it was nice just knowing our options. 
We got a private villa that was good for 3 - since it was Sam, Gwen, and I. Very spacious and had its own pool right outside. Perfect for couples or small groups that just want to unwind and walk a few steps to the beach area. One thing we loved was the hanging bed by the tree outside the villa — it was just so comfy, cute, and we all took a nap in it! HAHA! 
Most of the time, we were around our villa, but of course we went to the main pool area (the one you see when you search for Kandaya! It’s amazing) and dined in their restaurant. Food was as great as we expected it to be — we ate so much actually! The interiors of the restaurant are gorgeous too. Ahhhhh, it might sound like we’re biased, but it really just was such a pretty place, matched with great service, so we couldn’t complain. 
We also experienced their spa treatment, which for women, is an absolute treat! So calming and relaxing, it was what we craved for after a day of shooting and exploring the resort. However, there was a sudden downpour after our massage, the rain heading back to the villa was crazy! We all just laughed through it because it’s not like we had any control over that. 
Aside from that, what an amazing trip it was! Everything you would expect in a luxurious getaway, they had. Privacy, beautiful amenities, and the most accommodating and friendly staff that made sure you were having the best time. We definitely see ourselves going back to this one. 
For more information, head on over to www.kandayaresort.com

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